Cooking with Fire – Tips for Chefs and Cooks

Are you ready to take your cooking up a notch? Cooking with fire is a great way to add flavor and excitement to your meals. It’s also a fun way to impress your guests. Follow these tips to get started.

There’s something about cooking over an open flame that just feels primal. Maybe it’s the way the heat from the fire roars in your face, or the smell of wood smoke that fills the air. Whatever it is, cooking with fire is a primal experience that every chef should try at least once. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to get started cooking with fire, and we’ll give you some tips for creating delicious dishes over an open flame. So let’s get started – cooking with fire is definitely worth a try!

  1. Start by gathering your supplies – you’ll need an open space, kindling, tinder, logs, and a fire pit
  2. Next, create a teepee of kindling in the open space and add tinder on top
  3. Light the tinder and let the kindling catch fire
  4. Once the teepee is burning well, add larger logs to the fire pit
  5. Keep adding logs until you have a nice fire going
  6. Cook your food over the open fire using a cast iron skillet or Dutch oven

Cooking outside is a gift to all humanity. The smells, the ethereal connection to the earth. Food provided by mother nature and sizzled in the same way. However, we do have to talk openly about an aspect that is so important to the entire process. Cleanliness.

We would never want people to enjoy a beautiful open flame dinner and then come back with food poisoning because everything was not washed up properly!

Once your meal is finished, make sure to take all of your saucepans and utensils back to your kitchen and start washing up properly.

We take sanitation very seriously.

Here are a few products we rely on to make sure our pots and pans are as sparkling clean as can be.

Dishwasher: NEFF N30 – a wonderful piece of machinery that gets the job done.

Instant Hot Water Tap: 4-in-1 – Fahren. Dispenses 4 different types of water at the twist of a handle.

Soap Dispensing brush – for ease more than anything else.

Stay safe, enjoy your outdoor food cooked the way mother earth intended!

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